Friday, September 12, 2008

rewind and press play, my time is up

Hey loves, posting has been lacklustre and will continue to be for a while more, because finals are coming up!! Yes I have a very big reason to panic. however here is part of a Chadwick Tyler photoshoot I rummaged around for. I adore the black-white-grey colour going on.
The whole photos with boots things totally skipped my mind, but hopefully there will be at least one outfit post next week. My next couple of weeks will now be filled with endless studying, the guilty consumption of chocolate from all the stress of endless studying, and more endless studying.
Wish me luck! ( for the chocolate eating or the exams, I'm not picky)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, there!

LOVE the washed out look of these beautifully pale! Cheers (now go study and rock out!)


Mimi said...

Good luck for you!
The last pic is my favorite it's simply fabolous.

lara said...

Good luck!! Great pictures!

♥lyssa said...

i added you.
love your blog!

Emily said...

great photos, i especially love the first one with those fabulous boots.

LML said...

simple and grungy - im lovin it!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh great picture choices, Chadwick Tyler is amazing! The first one you posted is my favorite from that shoot! :)

And good luck with your chocolate eating AND your exams! ;)

Oh and sure, I'd love to exchange links, I'll go add your's to my blog roll now! :)