Sunday, August 31, 2008

dress up

New outfit post! these were taken ages ago, before I actually even had a blog. In other news, I CUT BANGS you guys!! After weeks of contemplation, i finally took the plunge yesterday. My sister hacked it off for me on her bathroom floor. It actually turned out quite well, i look kinda ~fierce now. Shall put up photos of said haircut soon. Anyways, I'm gonna go explore the salvation army tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have acquired some good stuff by the end of the day! Till next time.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

friday, I'm in love

I went out on Friday to celebrate a friends birthday, and I wore this. I took these two shots first before discovering the glory of new plant 'benches' and therefore immediately utilising them.

Both the turtleneck and jacket are vintage, the jacket a miraculous find at the back of my closet and the turtleneck belonged to my mum, she wore this WHEN SHE WAS 20! My mum was so tiny I swear... Its the softest thing and spotted with tiny tiny iridescent bits of white and black and dark grey that you cant really see much but adds a bit of texture to the turtleneck when you look at it.

The white sailor shorts from Cotton On. I actually had a few hours of school before I went out ( this requiring the wearing of school uniform) and I was too lazy to lug an extra pair of shoes to switch into so I just wore my school shoes, but I switched to lace socks that are the prettiest things ever.

Oh, and I also bought a new pair of boots yesterday which I was not supposed to do, but my defences were weak ,needless to say. Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow yeah?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

oh hey you

I want these. They're from Forever 21, but alas, the F21 stores here do not sell shoes.ughh. The canvas material and bootie/but not really bootie design really gets to me. Anyway, I may try to purchase them in the future ( read: not immediately because of my apparent lack of cash), but fingers crossed that I shall be able to order them online during the December holidays!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eley Kishimoto

The pictures are from Eley Kishimoto, the first three from their autumn winter 08/09 collection. Eley Kishimoto designs are fun to look at because of the groovy splashes of colour and the bold prints which are pulled together with tons of finesse. These are just a preview of all the loveliness that they presented in this collection! I have been meaning to buy snow white tights for the longest time and these just give me more drive to do so. The collection also features bold patterned tights which I find krazy kool. ( Yes I do say things like krazy kool and I do bother to switch the letters to K).

The bottom three pictures are from their spring summer 08 collection, which was a ages ago, I know. Although I would love to wear the autumn friendly clothing everyday, the spring summer collection is much more Singapore -weather-is-too-darn-hot- appropriate. The things I love are the contrasting patterns (this is actually true for both collections), the deliciously bright colours, and the fresh takes on knit vests and rompers.

I will be updating soon with fresh outfit posts, do stay tuned!

Monday, August 25, 2008

silver rocket

okay first outfit!!

The dress I got on my trip to Bangkok for an obscencely cheap amount. They really are meant to be worn shorter but I was in a rush so.. The shoes I got from KL and the tights at Soxworld. The tights are super soft, I could just live in them all day. I apologize for the horrible photo quality because they were taken by my nine year old sister. You can't really expect perfection from someone who still watches the Disney Channel obsessively.

more outfits and inspiration posts to come!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

we finally meet

Hello everyone, I'm Nakia. I'm 14 and after being inspired by the extensive amount of blogs that are already out there, I decided to start one for myself. I can say that I love fashion and style in a ridiculously big way, and this blog will be mainly on my outfits and style inspirations. I hope you girlies ( and the occasional boy? ) will enjoy reading this blog! Comments are 100% appreciated and I'll be posting an outfit very soon. <3