Monday, November 3, 2008


A couple months worth of inspiration! I felt this was in order after about a month of no blogging. I am absolutely in love with leopard print tights and absolutely plan to get some of my very own! Also, the Topshops here is having a sale and I intend to forage there for something lovely. ( yeah, as though it's so hard to find something nice in Topshop that I actually have to forage). My birthday was a few weeks ago and I also bought myself two dresses, as a special treat to myself. Oh, and a belated Happy Halloween everyone! What did you dress up as?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

part deux

My new AA u-neck dress but more notably my mums' old blazers. Although I love both, the mint green one can't really fit me because of it's huge shoulders. oh well.

Anyways fashion week(s)! I am just about to collage my favourites now that my finals are over. Yes i know it is pretty late compared to all you very forward bloggers but I promise an EPIC post about it very soon.


Monday, September 29, 2008

AA part one.

My American Apparel shipment arrived a week ago, and I finally got the chance to play around with them. I bought the tulip skirt and their black body con dress I'm sure everyone has. The vest is actually circa 1999 from my childhood and the bag is another vintage treasure of my mum's.

I can't wait for my finals to be over! Already I have numerous plans, one of them being making my own skirts. That way i don't have to pay US$28 excluding shipping for a skirt. Please get cheaper shipping AA!

p.s. check out my fierce kitty Nike, he wanted to join in the fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the debut of the new boots!

Friday, September 12, 2008

rewind and press play, my time is up

Hey loves, posting has been lacklustre and will continue to be for a while more, because finals are coming up!! Yes I have a very big reason to panic. however here is part of a Chadwick Tyler photoshoot I rummaged around for. I adore the black-white-grey colour going on.
The whole photos with boots things totally skipped my mind, but hopefully there will be at least one outfit post next week. My next couple of weeks will now be filled with endless studying, the guilty consumption of chocolate from all the stress of endless studying, and more endless studying.
Wish me luck! ( for the chocolate eating or the exams, I'm not picky)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

here comes the son and a whole lot of pretty

I think that this is my favourite editorial of all time. first of all, Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison are so adorable it hurts my brain, Sasha being my favourite model ever because of all the loveliness she emanates.
Second of all, THE CLOTHES. Luxe fur coats in different colors, ( my favourite being the candy pink), Bejeweled boots, fox-fur hunting hats, gorgeous jewellery, and the Bohemian style carried throughout the ed. I want those grey tights so bad and her whole outfit in the fourth photo. I know this isn't very recent but this editorial is too beautiful for words ( coming from someone who just spewed a whole lot of words...) and too pretty to not share with those who haven't seen it.
Pure love.
Click to enlarge!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

hit me baby one more time

I got a new bed! Isn't it the prettiest thing? Of course, I had to shamelessly cavort on and around it. This skirt is a tad too big, I should probably get it altered. My sister was just watching old Britney videos, I remember just dancing on the bed diligently memorising the lyrics and singing along.I was only about six mind you, but I totally adored her. Seriously. Little did we know that she would go on to be a head shaving, umbrella-wielding wreck.

In a totally different note, the weather is beginning to pick up here in Singapore, and by pick up I mean raining and an overall chillier temperature, ( which is an improvement to the otherwise sweltering hot conditions). To most, it would signify wet school blouses, sopping shoes and annoyance at not bringing an umbrella out( why do umbrellas keep coming up?) but to me, it means time to bring out the tights, sweaters and cardis. I can at least attempt to mimic fall trends.

Night night, giving you all long sleeved sweater hugs!