Saturday, September 6, 2008

hit me baby one more time

I got a new bed! Isn't it the prettiest thing? Of course, I had to shamelessly cavort on and around it. This skirt is a tad too big, I should probably get it altered. My sister was just watching old Britney videos, I remember just dancing on the bed diligently memorising the lyrics and singing along.I was only about six mind you, but I totally adored her. Seriously. Little did we know that she would go on to be a head shaving, umbrella-wielding wreck.

In a totally different note, the weather is beginning to pick up here in Singapore, and by pick up I mean raining and an overall chillier temperature, ( which is an improvement to the otherwise sweltering hot conditions). To most, it would signify wet school blouses, sopping shoes and annoyance at not bringing an umbrella out( why do umbrellas keep coming up?) but to me, it means time to bring out the tights, sweaters and cardis. I can at least attempt to mimic fall trends.

Night night, giving you all long sleeved sweater hugs!


TRISH said...

I love your bedroom. :)

Mimi said...

The bedroom looks great.Your outfit is to die for.I love everything.

la petite mademoiselle said...

hi! thanks for your nice comment!:D in holland everybody had a bicycle! hihi, for us tis is a habbit, not so much fun anymore, but very inspirationable!
great idear! i will put you in my list!

cupcakes and cashmere said...

what a fabulous bed and i'm with you all the way when it comes to dressing for fall. there are way more options!

bronwyn said...

Cute outfit....and I love the beret:)

Nicole Then said...

love this outfit! esp the beanie? hat...that's what it's called right? love it!

Wana exchange links? I'm a singapore blogger too :)

FashionSqueah! said...

That bed is awesome! I love the outfit too, the red and white is really nice together and that hat looks awesome - I totally can't pull off wearing hats!

ps You're linked!

Char x

Wendy said...

You look so cute!

Dee. said...

no lah, you introduce me to him so long ago.

and, omg. you are so freaking evil lah

Nicole Then said...

linked ;)

nostyleboys said...

Hey, sure i'll add your link :)
I totally agree about fall
i love it

today I saw the temperature was less than twenty so I went ahead and wore a cardigan with thick tights

-Mariam @nostyleboys

Mimi said...

Very cute outfit! (I have those same white baskets from IKEA hehe)
Thanks for linking me...I'm doing the same :)